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Hello Parents,

Our pumpkin patch field trip is Thursday and I wanted to remind you of a few things:

 First, if you are not driving please be sure to bring in your child’s booster/car seat. Please label it with your child’s name on masking/duct tape—I have some if you don’t.
 Second, each child should wear his/her yellow Apostles T-shirt. If you do not have the Apostles T-shirt, please wear a yellow shirt. If there is no other choice, wear a bright color. It is easier to gather children together if they are wearing yellow.
 Third, I would love it if any parents that are attending would take pictures to share since not all parents can attend and I may not find time to take pictures this year. 
 We plan to leave by 8:45 AM and return by approximately 11:45 AM. Should you need to reach me while we are gone my cell phone number is 786-351-1600.
Thank you for your attention to the above. I’m looking forward to a great field trip!

Miss Schleusener

School phone: 578-4800
Cell: 786-351-1600

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