Monday, August 20, 2012

Keeping Your Child Safe Class
We will be hosting several Keeping Kids Safe Classes at the beginning of the school year. They are not offered again later in the school year so please plan to attend one of these classes. These classes are required of parents who wish to attend, assist, drive, and/or chaperone school functions (field trips, class parties, volunteer opportunities). I will be hosting classes for parents who have previously taken the class; Pastor Kronebusch will be hosting classes for new parents. (If you're previously taken the class, you may still attend a first-time class if it better fits your schedule.)
• Monday, August 27th at 3:30pm - Review Class
• Tuesday, August 28th at 7pm - Review Class
• Tuesday, September 4th at 7pm - Review Class
• Wednesday, September 5th at 3:30pm - Review Class
• Monday, September 10th at 6:15pm - First Time Class.
• Wednesday, September 12th at 3:30pm - Review and First-Time Classes
• Monday, September 17th at 7pm - Review and First-Time Classes
• Tuesday, September 18th at 3:30pm - Review and First-Time Classes